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No More Bickering: A Guide to Hassle-free Wedding Planning

Bickering?! Definitely not something that should be on your wedding planning checklist. So here are a few ideas to help keep you both focused on the things that are important during the tricky planning stage and to prevent squabbles.

Set aside some quality time for wedding talk. This is likely to be more effective than constant snippets throughout the day. Block off a specific time, pour a glass of wine, and snuggle up together on the sofa. Discuss any progress or developments and the options that are available to you. Choose a time that allows you both to be comfortable and express your concerns and expectations.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. While every minor detail of your day is important, right now is the time to concentrate on the big things. There are probably major decisions that need to be made, so focus on those to help maintain your sanity. If some of the smaller details have to be changed or left behind, try not to worry. You will still have a fabulous day.

It’s likely that many couples may have to compromise on dates, venues, suppliers – all sorts of things during this difficult time. But remember, you are in this together. Help each other to compromise and come to terms with necessary changes to plans. Understand when your other half seems disproportionately upset about something that you are less concerned about. This is all good practice for your married life together.

Most importantly, remember that it’s your wedding. Your love is strong this year, as it will be next year and every year after that. The most important thing is that you are safe, well, and have each other.

Discover our Warwickshire wedding venue

So, if you’re looking for a countryside wedding retreat, we think Gorcott Hall might be the wedding destination for you. Ultimately, the best way to get a feel for a venue is to see it for yourself. We’d absolutely love to show you around Gorcott Hall, so please feel free to contact us today to book a visit and we can organise a show around to share with you just what makes our Warwickshire wedding venue so special!

Shoes, glorious shoes

Feeling the Pinch? Ouch. Blisters. Definitely not welcome at Gorcott Hall on your wedding day.

Shoes, glorious shoes, so many choices…from heels to boots and everything in-between! Even Crocs have made a surprising appearance recently – what next eh?

To try and help you avoid a shopping faux pas, we thought it might be useful to help you think about some of things you might need to consider before making the final purchase of the perfect pair (or two!)

Bear in mind that Gorcott Hall was built in the 16th century, (long before the invention of the modern-day spirit level) most of the floors are original and now come with the odd crack and wobble that you need to look out for and avoid. Couple this with our beautiful cobbles outside and the inevitable trek across the paddock to the lake for some fabulous photos and suddenly high stiletto heels may no longer be feeling like the best option. Remember, we can’t guarantee the British weather at any time of year, and the paddock can go mighty squidgy after an unexpected deluge of rain!

Be honest with yourself about how tall you can handle! Remember you’re likely to be strutting around in them all day, it’s important that you feel fabulous but equally as important to be comfortable (uh oh, am I sounding like my mum?!). Don’t disregard the possibility of two pairs if your budget allows. There’s nothing wrong with slipping the heels off and dancing the night away in our barn in a pair of cool trainers, but you might want to mention this when getting the alterations changed on your dress.

Whatever you choose we’re sure you’ll look fantastic! Just remember to pop them on while you’re at home doing day to day chores and wear them in a bit before the big day. And if that doesn’t work, well you can always rely on Team Gorcott to be on hand with a huge box of plasters…but that should really be the last resort!

Happy Shopping!

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2023 Wedding trends to help you plan your big day

If you’re planning a 2023 wedding, you’re in for a treat! We’re so excited here at Gorcott for what 2023 will unleash. From unique colour palettes to fresh new ideas for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception, we’ve got you covered.

Before the big day

The Dress

Arguably the most important aspect of the day – the dress. The 80’s have called, they want their dress back! Oh yes, it’s all about the 80’s for 2023. Whilst 90’s styling is still big news, the previous decade is setting the tone, with some rah-rah skirt inspired detailing on shorter style dresses. There are some aspects of 80’s fashion that we’d all rather forget, but one trend seems to be on the rise…puff sleeve wedding dresses – this one is back with a bang.

Picture the scene – it’s the night of your wedding, and you’ve had a dozen near misses which could have resulted in a red wine and white wedding dress based disaster! So, if your budget allows, join the trend of an after party mini dress. Don’t be afraid to slip into something more comfortable to really get the party started.

Photo credit: Cheron’s Bridal


Although neutrals made a comeback for 2022, 2023 wedding colour predictions are circling back towards brighter and bolder hues. 2023 is all about blue, especially with Pantone’s 2022 colour of the year being Very Peri. This is a unique combination of both blue and violet. It pairs well with earth tones like mossy green and rustic bronze. Both blue and purple are members of the cool colour family and psychology suggests that these colours bring about feelings of stability and tranquillity. With an endless array of hues, finishes, and undertones of blue to choose from, this colour allows you to completely customise the mood of your wedding day.

Photo credit: Infinite Wedding Co

The wedding parties

2023 envisions an inclusive wedding party for your big day, those nearest and dearest can be included in all the fun regardless of gender. From pre-wedding celebrations with a ‘Hag Do’ to the big day with ‘Mates of Honour’ and ‘Groomsmaids’, nobody has to miss out.

This is extended into the fashion on the day, a mismatched bridal party is all the rave for 2023. Lean into different styles and colour tones to keep everyone looking and feeling their best, out are the days of arguments about bridesmaid dresses.

Photo credit: Pinterest

During the day

Outdoor weddings

The COVID-19 pandemic saw lots of couples opting for outdoor weddings for safety reasons, so temporary permission was granted to allow licensed venues to host ceremonies outdoors – whether they had a structure outside or not. This proved to be so popular that it became a permanent thing, so now couples want to marry in any location outdoors! The flexibility this offers is a huge bonus for couples, who can now marry in beautiful locations previously off the list, enabling them to tailor their day to their needs more than ever before. This is easily achieved at Gorcott as we offer the flexibility of your ceremony out or indoors. And, if the weather is unkind on the day, we’ll always have a fully prepared wet weather plan.

Photography and video

Direct flash photography is quickly gaining popularity, particularly with indoor weddings and receptions. It makes for stunning portraits with a glamourous edge and gives the after-party an almost tangible energy of being frozen in time. This will also help to make your wedding photography even more breath taking. This is also the case with film, the texture and odd film burn are truly a vibe for 2023.

Photo credit: Profoto

Flowers and decor

Couples are growing tired of the overfilled place settings and are thinking outside the box when it comes to their ceremony décor, and we love it! 2023 will bring cleaner tablescapes, with a contemporary throwback. Think minimal lines and shapes, and neutral shades. Couples are looking to have installations, rather than lots of smaller arrangements. Less is more will be the approach when it comes to florals, having one large flower cloud or floral arch makes for better photo opportunities than something smaller. Also, seasonal flowers are in and thankfully help the budget and are more sustainable.

New traditions

Couples tell us they are nervous about their first dance, or even actually dreading it. Gone are the days where this is a necessity, so if you like you can skip this ritual altogether in 2023, or maybe find a more personal alternative that won’t make you look back and wince.

Couples are starting to forgo the old-fashioned idea of not seeing each another before the ‘I do’, and instead are choosing to do a ‘first look’ shoot– a moment for the happy couple to have some time alone before they head down the aisle. It allows you to really relish the moment without having to share it with anyone else, and you’ll have some seriously emotional wedding photos to look back on. The first look also opens itself nicely for photos with the wedding party, family members and other key loved ones too. These raw reactions are priceless on the wedding day and tend to be framed for generations to come.

While we’re seeing more and more ‘unplugged’ ceremonies, modern brides and grooms are embracing technology in other ways. Wedding websites are a fantastic way to send invitations and track guest lists, RSVPS, dietary requirements and even a gifts registry.

Photo credit: Hooray! Mag

Happily ever after


Travel is back and it’s bigger than ever in 2023 (thanks Covid)! Couples are looking to celebrate their marriage in personal and unique ways with a seriously special trip away.  And Honeymoons are looking to consist of bucket list experiences for 2023. Also, as many couples have missed out on two years of holidays, the multi-destination honeymoon is all about making up for lost time. Honeymoons are set to be bigger and better in 2023 than ever before!

Now that the season is ending, we are so excited for what 2023 has in store for us here at Gorcott and to see all the beautiful couples who are choosing to share their big day with us next year. Bring on 2023!

Discover Our Warwickshire Wedding Venue

Discover our Warwickshire wedding venue

So, if you’re looking for a countryside wedding retreat, we think Gorcott Hall might be the wedding destination for you. Ultimately, the best way to get a feel for a venue is to see it for yourself. We’d absolutely love to show you around Gorcott Hall, so please feel free to contact us today to book a visit and we can organise a show around to share with you just what makes our Warwickshire wedding venue so special!

Rob & Laura's Wedding Day
September 7, 2022 by Tom Robbins 0 Comments

Say ‘Yes!’ to the dress

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day is one of the most exciting parts of a bride’s wedding planning, but it can also be one of the most nerve racking too! We often have brides worrying that they won’t be able to find ‘the one’, that they don’t want white or ivory and that they don’t normally ‘do’ dresses and they’re going to look like someone from my big fat gypsy wedding! Well, rest assured, we’ve been helping to deliver amazing weddings since 2010, and we are yet to see a bride at Gorcott Hall that looked anything less than breath-taking!

We know that there are so many colours and sizes to choose from and that finding your dream dress isn’t always a piece of (wedding) cake. It can be completely overwhelming, but it’s the start of your wedding journey and it really should be fun! The research can start at home, remember, Pinterest and TikTok are your best friend, so do your homework! The right dress may take time to find so trawl the internet for inspiration, look at real weddings and research models that match your body shape to get a really good idea of what might suit you. Interestingly, we know many brides who ended up with a style that they would never have dreamt that they would wear, and they loved it!

And then comes the fun part of trying them on! Whether you’re ordering online for home delivery or heading over to a boutique, decide who you want to be there with you.  Our advice would be to keep your entourage quite small; a lovely family member and a couple of trustworthy, honest besties are usually perfect for the job – remember too many guests mean too many opinions, thoughts and judgements! In preparation for a day of trying on dresses, we recommend taking a long bath or shower and choosing some really pretty underwear. Remember, you’ll spend most of the day in your undies, so wearing your old grey pants is not an option. You want to feel gorgeous when trying on your selection of amazing gowns. Try to avoid wedding dress overload! Take lots of photographs of your dress possibilities (even of the ones you are really not sure about) instead of putting all your trust in the mirror. Many try ons can help to reinforce the fact that you have found the perfect dress but just pick out a few at a time, as it will only lead to confusion and you’ll struggle to remember one from the other with option overload! Taking a pic of your favourites can help you create a shortlist. You may even be one of the lucky brides that falls in love with the first gown that you try on – it happens! Oh and we should mention … don’t be horrified by the sizing, be prepared, they usually come up very small, don’t let that get you frazzled and feeling anything less than your beautiful best

When you’ve finally made your choice and purchased ‘the one,’ don’t be worried if you suddenly think that you don’t like it any more or that you have bought the wrong one. We come across this all the time! We can almost guarantee that when you’re glammed up with wedding hair and makeup, you’ll remember the reasons that you fell for it and fall in love with it all over again on your big day…just like your husband to be!  

And, when it comes round to your big day, our luxurious gown suite will be the perfect backdrop to make you feel like a true princess as you get your glam on and slip into your flawless gown while you sip a prosecco and wait to become a Mrs…

Looking for a wedding venue in a fantastic rustic setting? We think Gorcott Hall might be the wedding destination for you. Ultimately, the best way to get a feel for a venue is to see it for yourself. We’d love to show you around Gorcott Hall, so please enquire online today to book your personalised viewing.

Cake?! Did somebody say cake?

Oooooh cake, what’s not to love? After all, what’s a party without cake? Fruit cake, chocolate cake, naked cake, cheesecake, cake pops…so many choices…and so many people to feed.  We love nothing more at Gorcott Hall than serving a slice of cake and watching it be enjoyed by wedding guests! Serving your own wedding cake as dessert in the evening is a great way to provide all of your guests with a sweet treat whilst keeping your dessert costs down.

But why cake?

Why is having a cake at a wedding reception almost as big a tradition as wearing a wedding dress? Well, it all started in Ancient Rome, so the story goes. Every wedding ceremony ended with a scone-like cake being broken over the bride’s head for luck and fertility. The newlywed couple would then eat a few crumbs and afterwards all of the wedding guests would scoop up the leftover crumbs for good luck. And so, the tradition began. Thank goodness the tradition has been refined over the years!

There are some fabulous ways to serve cake to your guests and they don’t all need a big budget!

  • Of course, you can go to a fabulous pro, our good friend Sharon at is just that! Have a look at some of her stunning and tasty creations on her website. Look for inspiration for your cake design everywhere, don’t just limit it to pictures of cakes. If you see a pattern, a flower or something that takes your fancy that you would like to incorporate in your design, just go along and see her armed with your ideas. She often works miracles.
  • If budget is a little tight, how about organising a family/wedding guest bake off. We’ve seen this done many a time and couples are always surprised by the amount of baking talent that they uncover on the guest list! Sponges, cupcakes or cake pops, get all the bakers baking. Give us an idea of how many you’re expecting, and Team Gorcott will make sure that they are displayed in all of their cakey glory!
  • Bake it yourself! For the fantastically organised couple with time to spare in the run up to the big day this can be great fun and a fabulous talking point for your guests. A naked (or semi naked) wedding cake is probably the easiest DIY wedding cake to tackle and they look fantastic. These cakes do away with the traditional layers of icing and either are prepared bare or with a thin sheer layer of frosting so that you can see what’s inside.  Stack them and decorate them with an array of fruit and flowers to make it your own, the possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget to think about how you will store and transport your fabulous cake creation! It can be warm in the wedding barn on a hot summer’s night, so making arrangements to have your cake delivered and assembled at Gorcott on the morning of your big day is always the best option. Oh, and last but certainly not least, don’t forget to consider all your guest’s dietary requirements, you don’t want anyone having cake envy at the evening party!

Looking for a wedding venue in a fantastic rustic setting? You can have the perfect day at Gorcott Hall. Enquire online today to book your personalised viewing.


Why a toast? Well bizarrely toasting dates back to the middle-ages and is thought to be the way untrustworthy friends were tested to make sure that they weren’t going to poison you! They would each take a little bit of the same wine, clink and toast “to your health” (ironically) before drinking. Over time the clinking and toasting has remained a more happy tradition!

Traditionally the wedding speeches (and toasts) take place after dinner, but couples mix it up nowadays and the best time for your speeches will depend on the schedule for your big day. We tend to find that after the wedding ceremony, drinks reception and photos guests don’t want to wait for all of the speeches to tuck into dinner! So having the majority of speeches once people are fed and relaxed and over a coffee usually works best, but if you have a nervous speech giver who would rather get it out of the way before dinner, then really don’t stress about breaking the tradition. Happy and relaxed wedding guests always make for the best day! We’ll work with you to figure it out in the run up.

So, as a start, here’s the traditional order of the speeches and what each one generally covers:

First up! Father of the Bride.

So dads first job is usually to welcome all of the guests and thank them for coming, he should lead a toast to absent friends and family. He should then go on to welcome the groom into the family before telling some heartfelt stories about the bride and complimenting her on how gorgeous she looks on the day. Finishing with a few reasons why the bride and groom make a fabulous couple and then asking everyone to toast the newlyweds.

Onto the Groom

Traditionally the groom starts by responding to dads toast to the newlyweds and he also thanks the guests for coming and for all of their gifts,  before spending a little time complimenting his new bride.  This should be followed with some thank you’s to the members of the bridal party including giving out a few gifts and saying a few words about the key members. He should make sure that he thanks both sets of parents and toast the brides parents if they are hosting. His speech should end with compliments and a toast to the bridesmaids.

 Next. The Best Man. Uh Oh.

The best man, usually the Grooms bosom buddy and this is his opportunity to make all of your guests smile by sharing some funny incidents and weird habits of the groom. His closeness to his mate should also mean that he can share some valuable advice and rules of the game that the couple should take into their married life. He should also follow the groom in thanking the bridesmaids, read out messages from absent friends, compliment the bride and finish with a fabulous toast to the newlywed couple!

It’s not unusual for the Bride or a Bridesmaid to also want to say a few words nowadays. We’d usually slip the bride in alongside the groom (or just after) and your Bridesmaid just ahead of the Best Man.

Speeches are always a fantastic end to dinner! Make sure that you let us know how many you are expecting and roughly how long you think they will be, that way we can make sure that dinner and coffee is served in plenty of time before your evening guests start to arrive for the party!


Looking for a wedding venue in a fantastic rustic setting? We think Gorcott Hall might be the wedding destination for you. Ultimately, the best way to get a feel for a venue is to see it for yourself. We’d love to show you around Gorcott Hall, so please enquire online today to book your personalised viewing.

Tying the knot during a global pandemic

Planning a wedding at any time is a rollercoaster ride of excitement. A few nervous turns and all the mega highs you can dream of, but planning a wedding during a global pandemic has certainly added a few unexpected bumps along the way. But, fear not, weddings post Covid, are no less wonderful, they just take a little extra planning and consideration and we are going to share some tips to help create your wedding, your way…safely!

For the thousands of couples that have had to postpone their weddings, we are all excited to finally be allowed to celebrate with family and friends. As we continue along this less than smooth ride out of lockdown, we remain cautiously optimistic that things are going to return to normal, albeit a slightly modified norm.


We all know this virus isn’t going to just magically disappear, but with a few jabs, some comical face masks and a test or two we are learning to live with it. As a responsible venue, we want to do everything we can to ensure the wellbeing of our guests and have put a number of measures in place. We like to call it ‘subtle safety’, no massive signs and luminous sanitising stations, just tasteful bits dotted around so you know we are taking care of you.


The great outdoors is becoming a popular 2021 wedding theme. As some guests still feel slightly nervous about attending larger gatherings, outdoor space offer peace of mind in the fresh air. Did you know we have built a rather spectacular pergola for this very reason, and of course, who doesn’t love getting married under an arch of fabulous flowers? 

Outdoor Wedding


So, the limit on numbers has finally been lifted and you can invite everyone to your wedding reception (well not everyone, but you know what we mean), but social distancing is still important. A big part of your special day is what happens after you say ‘I do!’ The strictest rules have now been dropped, but there have never been rules about speeches, so all the embarrassing stories about what you got up to at uni are still bound to be spilled – brace yourself ????


After all the restrictions we have been living with, I’m pretty sure everyone is ready for a big party! Sadly, dancing on the dance floor and super loud singing is still officially on the no-no list. But nobody wants to have to do a seated shuffle to the music, so you can still have a jolly good razzle with just a few adjustments and still stay within the rules. And with any luck, in a couple of weeks traditional parties with all the singing and all the dancing will be back in full swing.


With the current travel restrictions and uncertainty, there are still going to be some of your guests who are unable to attend your special day in person. Here is where Zoom comes into its own…Why not send your guest a ‘wish you were here’ package with some fizz and cake so they can toast you along with everyone else? Just make sure you get someone who is vaguely tech savvy to set up the Zoom party, we all know how that one goes when it’s left in the wrong hands.

As you can see, you can still have the most sensational celebration on your wedding day, you just need to be prepared for some tiny tweaks with safety in mind. We will help you plan your day so it’s everything you dreamed of and more, we have got you from ‘I do’ to ‘adieu!’

Looking for a wedding venue in a fantastic rustic setting? You can have the perfect day at Gorcott Hall. Enquire online today to book your personalised viewing.

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Introducing…our Bridal Gown Suite

Our stunning new Bridal Gown Suite is now complete – just add your bridal party!

Gorcott Hall Bridal Suite

Nestled in a charming and rustic granary barn dating back to 1803, yet full of everything the modern bride could need, this beautiful dedicated preparation area provides the perfect location to start your wedding day. Over 300 square feet of luxurious airy space is at your disposal. We’ll open the doors at 9:00AM on your most special of days to give you the most relaxing start possible. 

You’ll need to see it first hand to fully appreciate what’s on offer here – we’ve worked really hard to make sure everything you and your bridal party might possibly need is available, with even the smallest touches sprinkled with a generous helping of Gorcott Hall magic.

What’s Included

  • Beautifully decorated – a wonderfully spacious and social area
  • Huge comfy sofas for relaxing
  • Multiple styling stations for styling your hair and makeup
  • Bathroom area incorporating two spacious showers, dual sink vanity unit, underfloor heating, private loo.
  • Raised, beautifully lit dais  with space for you to hang your dress – the perfect platform for a photo opportunity once you’re ready to say ‘I do’!
  • Reserved parking adjacent to the suite for you and your suppliers.
  • Complimentary superfast WiFi
  • Integrated sound system
  • Your own kitchen area – we’ll stock the fridge with Prosecco and snacks
  • Patio area
  • Discrete exit for the big arrival for outdoor ceremonies
  • Convenient access to the courtyard for your wedding cars to whisk you off to a church ceremony

Get in Touch

This really has been a ‘labour of love’ for the entire team here. We’re proud of it and we can’t wait for you to see it up close and personal. Get in touch with us today for further information and details around our wedding venue in Worcestershire.

Allie & Mark

November 11, 2020 by Mark Wasley 0 Comments

How to choose the best Best Man

This is the easy part, right? Your best man is just your best mate, or perhaps your brother? Maybe, but it’s not always that straightforward. Your best man needs to be more than just some guy who is capable of not losing a ring and stringing a few words together after your wedding breakfast.

Choosing Your Best Man

First up, being Best Man is an honour. And that in itself puts you, as the groom, in a huge position of power. Use this power wisely! Tempting as it might be, don’t just automatically go with the guy who offers to take you to Vegas on your stag do. While he might be the ultimate party animal and organiser of legendary lads’ trips abroad, what will he be like on the big day itself? Is he going to be capable of responding to a last-minute crisis, helping your day run as smoothly as it possibly can, or is he more likely to hilariously filling your Calvins with Deep Heat while you’re taking your last shower as a single man?

Often overlooked in the best man selection process is what I like to call ‘Bride to be Blessing’. Her opinion counts lads, it’s her big day too and she won’t want it wrecked by Smiffy from Thursday night 5-a-side being so wasted he can’t manage a single word of his speech. The other side of this coin though is that she’ll most likely be in favour of you choosing that lad from Uni she likes. he’s teetotal, and thinks a wild night involves staying up until Midnight watching Simpsons repeats. Avoid.

So, if you’ve got a mate/relative that’s fun, has got your back, but most importantly is totally reliable, sign him up. Now. But might be still worth checking your Calvins on the big day?

Get in Touch with Gorcott Hall

For further advice, get in touch with Gorcott Hall today. We are here to help you with anything you need, whether you want to find out more about our amazing barn wedding venue in Worcestershire and our facilities, or just want some advice on what outfit you should go for. We are here.

If music be the food of love…

We love a bit of music in this house. Well, most of us do, Allie listens to James Blunt.

Swiftly moving on… music is a really important part of your big day, and we can help. It’s not just about the song you walk down the aisle to, or your first dance, or having Sex on Fire blasting out at a quarter to midnight; music can be around you for the whole day.

Choosing Your Wedding Music

Let’s say you’re marrying in a civil ceremony at 2:00 PM, we’ll be serving your welcome drinks at 2:30 PM. Chances are there’ll have been guests arriving since 1:30 PM. Your ceremony takes 30 minutes or so, and we’ll generally be calling you over for your wedding breakfast sometime around 4:45/5:00 PM. So, there’ll be around three or four hours for you to meet and greet your guests, while they enjoy their canapes and drinks and the photographer does their thing.

Now, if you love live music (and who doesn’t), you might be thinking about hiring a professional outfit to provide some lovely background music for the afternoon. Great! I used to be a bit of a musician myself and always loved playing at weddings. We’ve had all sorts of wedding musicians here over the years – choirs, harpists, acoustic duos, sax players… but they do, of course, come at a cost. And, there’s the question of where they set up for maximum impact.

So, what’s the alternative? Well, if you’ve ever visited Gorcott Hall wedding venue in Worcestershire, you’ll have probably noticed we always have music playing in the house. We’ve got a fabulous networked sound system here, with music being piped throughout the downstairs of the hall, and also into the gardens. So why not make (free) use of this, and curate your own, personalised wedding playlist? You’ll have a load of fun (and maybe a few fights!) putting it together, and all you need to do is send us a link to your playlist (Spotify or Apple Music) a few days before your big day. We’ll download it onto our system (we don’t stream it, just in case we happen to lose the broadband on the day), and look after everything else for you. You’ll need up to four hours of music (around 60/70 songs).

So, what will you choose? Make it personal, make it special to you two, and make it memorable. Want a few ideas for wedding music?

Wedding Music Ideas

  • What was the song you first danced together to?
  • What was number one when you were both born (
  • What song makes you both go a bit gooey because it reminds you of a special time, a special place, or a lost loved one? (or just each other)
  • When you’re apart, and you’re missing one another, what song makes you think of the other?

Here’s ours:

  • Cruel Summer by Bananarama (ask your parents)
  • Mark – Hey Jude by The Beatles, Allie – Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys (also, ask your parents)
  • How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding
  • Anything by Bear’s Den reminds Allie of Mark, Breakeven by The Script reminds Mark of Allie (don’t read too much into the lyrics here though!)

Get in Touch with Gorcott Hall

So, come on, it’s never too early to start. You can start messing around with this now. If you get bored of a tune later on you can always change it. Oh, and I won’t judge. All music is art.

Unless, of course, it’s by James Blunt.

Get in touch with Gorcott Hall today to find out more about our wonderful barn wedding venue in Worcestershire and what we can offer you.