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Gorcott Gets a Makeover

Welcome back weddings! Oh, how we have missed you! It’s certainly been a challenging year, but while the world has been on pause, the Gorcott Hall team has been hard at work, making many changes and upgrades to our gorgeous venue to make it picture perfect for your special day!

So… as you know, our pretty country pile is antique to say the least, and while vintage is absolutely ‘en vogue’, a building which has already celebrated a quincentenary (that’s 500 years in case you were wondering) needs a little special attention from time to time.

With nothing but time on our hands waiting for the dreaded Covid to ‘shove off’ and Bojo to make a few important decisions on when we can all gather again to celebrate the union of two people in love, we rolled up our sleeves, and got cracking on some home improvements which we think are pretty epic.

The Red Earth No.64 Farrow & Ball made an appearance and floors were sanded and varnished ready for the razzle to return. We pulled out all the stops on some outstanding new outdoor furniture for balmy summer evenings, and the car park was expanded to cater for our larger celebrations. Everything has been spruced up to perfection – it takes more than a little spit and polish to make this kind of magic.

Our gardens, which have always been spectacular, got some extra special attention with the planting of eight cherry trees and the addition of 400 willows around the pond. And just in case Ted gets lonely during his daily dip, we added a huge hippo to the lake. He’s a friendly fellow by all accounts and can be seen bobbing around just above the surface enjoying the views and waiting for our guests to spot him.

Now all we need is for all you loved up folk to press play on the festivities and help bring our fabulous venue back to life.