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Cake?! Did somebody say cake?

Oooooh cake, what’s not to love? After all, what’s a party without cake? Fruit cake, chocolate cake, naked cake, cheesecake, cake pops…so many choices…and so many people to feed.  We love nothing more at Gorcott Hall than serving a slice of cake and watching it be enjoyed by wedding guests! Serving your own wedding cake as dessert in the evening is a great way to provide all of your guests with a sweet treat whilst keeping your dessert costs down.

But why cake?

Why is having a cake at a wedding reception almost as big a tradition as wearing a wedding dress? Well, it all started in Ancient Rome, so the story goes. Every wedding ceremony ended with a scone-like cake being broken over the bride’s head for luck and fertility. The newlywed couple would then eat a few crumbs and afterwards all of the wedding guests would scoop up the leftover crumbs for good luck. And so, the tradition began. Thank goodness the tradition has been refined over the years!

There are some fabulous ways to serve cake to your guests and they don’t all need a big budget!

  • Of course, you can go to a fabulous pro, our good friend Sharon at is just that! Have a look at some of her stunning and tasty creations on her website. Look for inspiration for your cake design everywhere, don’t just limit it to pictures of cakes. If you see a pattern, a flower or something that takes your fancy that you would like to incorporate in your design, just go along and see her armed with your ideas. She often works miracles.
  • If budget is a little tight, how about organising a family/wedding guest bake off. We’ve seen this done many a time and couples are always surprised by the amount of baking talent that they uncover on the guest list! Sponges, cupcakes or cake pops, get all the bakers baking. Give us an idea of how many you’re expecting, and Team Gorcott will make sure that they are displayed in all of their cakey glory!
  • Bake it yourself! For the fantastically organised couple with time to spare in the run up to the big day this can be great fun and a fabulous talking point for your guests. A naked (or semi naked) wedding cake is probably the easiest DIY wedding cake to tackle and they look fantastic. These cakes do away with the traditional layers of icing and either are prepared bare or with a thin sheer layer of frosting so that you can see what’s inside.  Stack them and decorate them with an array of fruit and flowers to make it your own, the possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget to think about how you will store and transport your fabulous cake creation! It can be warm in the wedding barn on a hot summer’s night, so making arrangements to have your cake delivered and assembled at Gorcott on the morning of your big day is always the best option. Oh, and last but certainly not least, don’t forget to consider all your guest’s dietary requirements, you don’t want anyone having cake envy at the evening party!

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Why a toast? Well bizarrely toasting dates back to the middle-ages and is thought to be the way untrustworthy friends were tested to make sure that they weren’t going to poison you! They would each take a little bit of the same wine, clink and toast “to your health” (ironically) before drinking. Over time the clinking and toasting has remained a more happy tradition!

Traditionally the wedding speeches (and toasts) take place after dinner, but couples mix it up nowadays and the best time for your speeches will depend on the schedule for your big day. We tend to find that after the wedding ceremony, drinks reception and photos guests don’t want to wait for all of the speeches to tuck into dinner! So having the majority of speeches once people are fed and relaxed and over a coffee usually works best, but if you have a nervous speech giver who would rather get it out of the way before dinner, then really don’t stress about breaking the tradition. Happy and relaxed wedding guests always make for the best day! We’ll work with you to figure it out in the run up.

So, as a start, here’s the traditional order of the speeches and what each one generally covers:

First up! Father of the Bride.

So dads first job is usually to welcome all of the guests and thank them for coming, he should lead a toast to absent friends and family. He should then go on to welcome the groom into the family before telling some heartfelt stories about the bride and complimenting her on how gorgeous she looks on the day. Finishing with a few reasons why the bride and groom make a fabulous couple and then asking everyone to toast the newlyweds.

Onto the Groom

Traditionally the groom starts by responding to dads toast to the newlyweds and he also thanks the guests for coming and for all of their gifts,  before spending a little time complimenting his new bride.  This should be followed with some thank you’s to the members of the bridal party including giving out a few gifts and saying a few words about the key members. He should make sure that he thanks both sets of parents and toast the brides parents if they are hosting. His speech should end with compliments and a toast to the bridesmaids.

 Next. The Best Man. Uh Oh.

The best man, usually the Grooms bosom buddy and this is his opportunity to make all of your guests smile by sharing some funny incidents and weird habits of the groom. His closeness to his mate should also mean that he can share some valuable advice and rules of the game that the couple should take into their married life. He should also follow the groom in thanking the bridesmaids, read out messages from absent friends, compliment the bride and finish with a fabulous toast to the newlywed couple!

It’s not unusual for the Bride or a Bridesmaid to also want to say a few words nowadays. We’d usually slip the bride in alongside the groom (or just after) and your Bridesmaid just ahead of the Best Man.

Speeches are always a fantastic end to dinner! Make sure that you let us know how many you are expecting and roughly how long you think they will be, that way we can make sure that dinner and coffee is served in plenty of time before your evening guests start to arrive for the party!


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